ESSENCE | Life Begins With Water
There's more to it than just clean water.


Feel refreshed and achieve superior hydration with Essence™ alkaline water!

Alkaline water has many great benefits, such as restoring your body’s pH balance, providing superior hydration, and increasing daily energy levels. It’s more than just clean water; we believe it’s the cleanest, healthiest mineral water you can buy.

Restore your pH balance

Essence™ water can help neutralize the acidity within the body caused by stress, dieting, and air pollution. It also can help neutralize the acidity helps to protect the body from harmful acids found in fats and cholesterol.

Additional benefits:

  • Can regulate body temperature more efficiently
  • Tastes lighter with a pleasantly sweet flavor
  • Higher pH levels can improve the taste of beverages and food, especially when cooking

A balanced pH and reduced oxidation can rid your body of free radicals:

  • Oxidation occurs when free radicals remove electrons or protons from biomolecules, damaging DNA and destroying lipid membranes. This is the process blamed for most sickness and disease. Antioxidants can help prevent sickness and slow the aging process.
  • Active oxygen is the solution. Only about 2% of the air that we breathe becomes active oxygen, increasing to approximately 20% during aerobic exercise. The best source of active oxygen is ESSENCE water.

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